Fall Recipes

(Spanish comfort food and cold weather recipes)

Make these cozy and warming meals this Fall with our selection of classic Spanish Fall recipes and cold weather tapas dishes. 

As the leaves start to fall and signal that cooler weather is set to arrive, it’s a delight to return to the kitchen after many months of outdoor cooking and entertaining. Fall is all about cold weather recipes, from rich casseroles, creamy soups, baked goods, and delicious stews to easy one-pot recipes that warm the cockles and come together with minimal fuss.

Our Newest Fall Recipes

oven baked fish casserole sits on a grey granite kitchen worktop beside some fresh sprigs of parsley.

Oven baked fish casserole

with homemade romesco sauce

A plate of Mediterranean eggplant casserole sits waiting to be served

Mediterranean Eggplant Casserole

One-Pot Recipe | Vegan | Made in an hour

Small earthenware dishes filled with papas arrugadas, green mojo, and red mojo sauces.

Papas Arrugadas

with mojo verde and a spicy mojo picón

A frying pan of pisto with eggs with a little chopped parsley to garnish

Spanish vegetable pisto

Easy one-pot recipe!

a large earthenware dish is loaded with poor man's potatoes.

Poor Man's Potatoes (Vegan)

Easy one-pot recipe 

Soups and Stews

Spicy pumpkin soup garnished with some cooked chunks of chorizo sausage.

Spicy Pumpkin soup

with paprika and chorizo

a large bowl of gazpacho andaluz sits beside some cherry tomatoes

Spanish Gazpacho recipe

Vegan | made in 15 mins!

A large red pot is filled with seafood stew waiting to be served

Spanish Seafood Stew

Suquet de pescado/Suquet de Peix

a alrge green pot sits on a stovetop cooking arros caldoso.

Arros Caldoso

Arròs caldós | Valencian Stew

Chicken and chorizo stew sits in a large pot waiting to be served

Chicken and Chorizo Stew

Easy one-pot recipe

A bowl of salmorejo soup is garnished with some diced hard-boiled egg and some serrano ham


15-Minute recipe | Vegan Option

Fall Sides and Cold Weather Tapas

a large tuna empanada sits sliced into pieces on a granite benchtop

Empanada gallega

Easy empanada recipe | Oven-baked

A small green dish of spinach with chickpeas sits beside a large loaf of sliced bread

Spinach with Chickpeas (Vegan recipe)

Espinacas con garbanzos | Vegan

Small earthenware dishes filled with papas arrugadas, green mojo, and red mojo sauces.

Papas Arrugadas

with mojo verde and a spicy mojo picón

A small earthenware dish sit filled with patatas bravas and garnished with some freshly chopped parsley

Spicy Patatas Bravas

Super easy Spanish tapas recipe (Vegan)

Fall Main Meals

oven baked fish casserole sits on a grey granite kitchen worktop beside some fresh sprigs of parsley.

Oven baked fish casserole

with homemade romesco sauce

A alrge paella pan is filled with fideua negra and topped with bright red baby squid and some cilantro

Fideua Squid ink Pasta

Fideua Negra with allioli

A large pan of paella Valenciana sit garnished with green beans, chicken and pieces or stewed rabbit.

Paella Valenciana

Traditional | Valencian Paella

A large pan of Orchard paella sits with small snails and roasted vegiies scattered on top

Orchard paella

Paella huertana | Vegetarian Option

Close up shot of squid ink spaghetti with baby squid

Squid ink pasta

30 minute meal | Seafood

A large red pot filled with Spanish Seafood Stew, brimming with mussels, prawns, and fish.

Spanish Seafood Stew

Suquet de pescado | Suquet de Peix

Stay healthy!

The Mediterranean Diet

It’s no secret that the Mediterranean diet is healthy. It has been proven in numerous studies from all corners of the world, it aids weight loss, reduces the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes, as well as a growing list of other health benefits.

Find out what’s most exciting about the diet and create some incredibly tasty and simple Spanish recipes. 

Fall celebration recipes

Fall is a season full of celebration. It offers plenty of opportunities for entertaining with Thanksgiving, and many other holidays the perfect setting for large meals, celebratory party food, and hearty meals made for entertaining. Fall recipes showcase the glorious seasonal produce, from huge golden pumpkins to delicious buttery squash and yams. 

It’s time to get excited about Fall recipes!

What vegetables are in season in Fall?

While Fall is considerably shorter in Spain, it’s still a signal for plenty of hearty root vegetables, and leafy greens that fill our gardens and supermarket shelves. 

Pumpkin is perhaps the star of the season and by mid-September, large plump golden pumpkins become available, perfectly ripened by the summer season. Squash, potatoes, turnips, and yams also fill the stores and are ideal for creating Fall comfort food.

Large heads of green and violet cabbage also appear from their leafy nests, and bright and flavorsome carrots are also ready for harvest. All are the perfect veg for throwing into stews or casseroles, or oven baking with plenty of spices. 

Love em or hate em, brussel sprouts also arrive in Fall in abundance and deserve some special attention in the kitchen. Whether they are served steamed as a side or simmered down with butter and herbs, the humble brussel sprout is a fantastic seasonal vegetable for many Fall recipes. 

Huge healthy bunches of kale and bright white florets of cauliflower are also flavorful and perfect for making warm Fall salad recipes with plenty of nutrients. 

Best fall vegetables for cooking

  • Pumpkin
  • Cabbage 
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Carrots
  • Squash
  • Yams (sweet potatoes)
  • Potatoes
  • Turnips
  • Kale 
  • Cauliflower
vegetables for Poor Man's potatoes are laid out on a chopping board

What to cook in fall?

Fall is the season to embrace recipes with longer cooking times, slow-cooked stews, and hearty vegetable ingredients harvested fresh from the garden. Fall is the time to fire up the oven and return to baking fresh bread and other baked delicacies as well as:

  • Fall casserole recipes
  • Fall instant pot recipes
  • Fall slow-cooker recipes
  • One-pot recipes
  • Fall air fryer recipes
  • Fall soups and stews
  • Fall fish dishes
  • Fall side dishes and tapas
  • Fall sweets and treats

Traditional Spanish Fall recipes

While the season of Fall is considerably less pronounced in Spain compared to Northern Europe and North America, there are still no shortage of recipes that are defined by the seasonal produce from Fall.

Of course, the famous paella marisco (seafood paella) is the dish of the summer, but come the turn of the cooler days of Fall, the Paella Valenciana, and the lesser-known vegetarian-friendly Orchard paella become popular choices. 

Below is a list of just a few typical Spanish dishes you can find in Fall. 

Fall casseroles 

Fall is one of the best seasons to embracce one-pot cooking techniques, and our favorite time of year for cooking rich and warming casseroles! From spiced bean, chicken, and chorizo casseroles to delicious warming stew like our baked fish smothered in romesco sauce and herbs.

No matter what occasion or weather outside, there’s always something bubbbling away in the kitchen during the season of Fall.



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