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7 Stunning Summer Tapas Dishes to Make at Home (Fresh & Simple)

Written By: Byron | August 19, 2023

Looking for some tasty but easy summer tapas dishes? Here are 7 to whet your appetite. They all require minimal or no cooking, are great for sharing with friends and family, or just pick one a night if you’re wanting a lighter dinner at home when the heat peaks. Enjoy!

close up shot of an earthenware dish filled with gambas al ajillo (garlic prawns) and topped with some chopped parsley

1. Sizzling Garlic Shrimp (Gambas al ajillo)

This is an absolute classic Spanish tapas dish. Seafood features heavily on menus in Spain generally, but in summer it’s a must-have! Ready in 20 minutes, you’ll be transported immediately to the Mediterranean Sea when you taste this.

Go to the sizzling garlic shrimp recipe

two bowls of salmorejo sit beside a loaf of bread and a few cloves of garlic

2. Salmorejo (a chilled summer soup)

Salmorejo is similar to the more famous traditional gazpacho recipe, but it has fewer veggies in it and tomatoes are the star of this show. While there are many versions of the recipe, it’s typical that it’s topped with hard-boiled egg slivers and serrano ham. We have a vegan salmorejo recipe too.

Go to the salmorejo recipe with serrano ham and egg

A plate of Lacón a la Gallegasits on a table with a small plate of jamon iberico in the background

3. Lacon a la Gallega (cured ham)

For this recipe, you can choose to leave the potatoes out and serve the ham alone or with bread if you prefer. The main event here is obviously the Lacón — if you can’t get this where you are simply substitute it for an unsmoked cured ham (Serrano ham and Duroc pork ham) work well. Then, you just need good quality olive oil, and sweet and spicy paprika, and some salt, then savor the flavors with each piece you eat.

Go to the Lacon a Gallega recipe

A earthenware dish sits filled with Mediterranean hummus

4. Mediterranean Hummus (with smoked paprika)

You can make your own hummus at home Mediterranean-style in just 10 minutes. It’s delicious and healthy to boot. Dig in!


Go to the Mediterranean Hummus recipe with smoked paprika

a small bowl of padron peppers sprinkled with some salt

5. Padron Peppers

These little peppers don’t need much else once you fry them, that’s why it’s a 3-ingredient recipe with just the Padron peppers, olive oil, and salt. Promise you it’s still ridiculously tasty despite being so simple.

Go to the Padron Peppers recipe

a tapas serving of marinated olives sits beside a glass of beer

6. Marinated Olives

Dress up some olives in a delicious marinade. While only 5 minutes of prep time is needed with these, you need to plan ahead as they should marinate for at least 2 hours but longer is even better.

Go to the Marinated Olives recipe

A plate of tomato salad sits beside some pistachio nuts and a glass of red wine.

7. Quick Tomato Salad with Fennel Seeds

Tomatoes are a big deal in Spain and across many Mediterranean countries. Often the star of a dish, this salad is no different but the fennel seeds add a nice twist. 

Go to the 5-Minute Tomato Salad with Fennel Seeds.

Or check out more tapas recipes.


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