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Chill Out With These Refreshingly Cool Seafood Dishes

Written By: Byron | August 23, 2023

When it’s hot, there’s nothing better than a cold dish to cool you down. Here are five seafood favorites that are brimming with flavor and summer vibes.

White fish ceviche sits on a white plate garnished with finely sliced red onion, pink grapefruit wedges, and some sprigs of mint and cilantro

1. Cod ceviche recipe with pickled cucumber and grapefruit

For this ceviche recipe, we used cod with ripe pink grapefruit wedges, fresh sprigs of mint, and a few leaves of cilantro. It’s the ultimate light recipe to beat the heat.

Go to the cod ceviche with cucumber and grapefruit recipe 

An overhead angle of a stack of tuna tartare is built on top of some avocado and garnished with some green salad leaves and edible flowers

2. Tuna tartare with lime, honey-soy, and ginger marinade

Tuna tartare with lime, honey-soy, and ginger dressing combines the delicate flavors of marinated raw tuna with a zingy avocado base. Who could resist that?

Go to the tuna tartare with lime, honey-soy, and ginger marinade recipe

a plate of ensalada rusa is garnished with a few strips of roasted pepper and some egg yolk

3. Ensalada Rusa (A Spanish potato salad with tuna)

Found all over Spain, Enslada Rusa is a firm favorite. Not as light as the other recipes we’re sharing, it’s still served chilled and super tasty.

Go to the Ensalada Rusa recipe (Spanish potato salad with tuna)

A plate of Spanish-style tuna tomato salad.

4. Effortless 3-minute tuna salad

Don’t be fooled by the “effortless” in the title, your efforts will still reward you with a tasty-as salad. Just 3 minutes of prep time is required — the focus is on a few quality ingredients to make this salad sing.

Go to the effortless 3-minute tuna salad recipe

A round plate sit on a wooden counter full of color shrimp avocado salad

5. Shrimp and avocado salad with a sweet tangy dressing

Fresh, fast, and fun. This colorful salad is a heady mix of sweet and tangy flavors including a lime dressing with a hint of ginger. Ready in 15 minutes.

Go to the shrimp and avocado salad recipe with a sweet tangy dressing


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