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Our 5 Go-To Salads This Summer as a Main Meal

Written By: Byron | August 12, 2023

We love summer and tucking into some seriously tasty salads. These 5 are our go-to salads we love to eat this summer. And, most of the ingredients are from the Mediterranean diet as an added bonus. Enjoy! 

A round plate sit on a wooden counter full of color shrimp avocado salad

1. Shrimp and avocado salad with zingy grapefruit and a lime dressing

This mouthwatering shrimp and avocado salad can be made in around 15 minutes with no cooking required. Avocado and shrimp have always worked as a combo, and this salad is also layered with your greens of choice, red onion, and wedges of pink grapefruit, all topped with a refreshing lime dressing with a hint of ginger. 

Go to the shrimp and avocado salad recipe

basil and garlic dressing drizzled over a tomato burrata salad.

2. Tomato burrata salad with basil and garlic dressing

This burrata salad is oozing with Mediterranean flavors. If you haven’t tried burrata before, and you love cheese, you need this in your life. Topped with an easy-to-make basil and garlic dressing and you’ve got the perfect salad for serving on those warm summer nights.

Go to the tomato burrata salad with basil and garlic dressing recipe

A platter with potato salad on it

3. No-mayo Spanish potato salad

This no-mayo Spanish potato salad is suitable for vegans and is the perfect salad for when you’re looking for something a little more filling. Packed with nutrients, this is one heck of a tasty potato salad thanks to the smoky paprika-infused dressing.

Go to the no-mayo Spanish potato salad recipe

Spicy grilled shrimp with tangy peach salad.

4. Spicy shrimp with peaches and a sweet and tangy dressing

This salad recipe features spicy shrimp with peaches in a colorful mix of sweet and spicy flavors. We also lightly toasted some fennel seeds and sprinkled these on top (which has become somewhat of an obsession lately). Ridiculously tasty!


Go to the spicy shrimp and peach salad recipe

A large plate of Mediterranean Tomato Salad sits. with lots of pesto dressing and shaved pieces of Manchego cheese

5. Mediterranean tomato salad with manchego and a homemade pesto dressing

This fresh Mediterranean tomato salad is dressed up with some manchego cheese and a homemade pesto dressing. It uses quite a bit of olive oil so it’s best to use good quality extra virgin olive oil (here are the best Spanish olive oils to try, including where to buy them overseas). 

Go to the Mediterranean tomato salad with manchego recipe


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