Tapas Tour of Goya, Madrid

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Goya tapas tour

Join us on a stunning tapas tour of Goya, Madrid!

Located just to the east of Retiro park is this wonderful barrio, full of shaded tree-lined streets, quaint tapas bars, and some of the most exclusive restaurants in town. When visiting Madrid, Goya is one of those neighborhoods less visited by tourists but well worth exploring, especially with your tastebuds. 

The Goya area has earned a reputation for having some of the best restaurants and bars in recent years, and exploring the tapas scene of Goya is well worth a short stroll out of the touristic center of Madrid. 

Tapas Tour of Goya, Madrid.

Start/Finish: Goya Metro Station, Madrid.

Total Distance: 1.96km /1.2 miles

Stops: 6 tapas bars and restaurants

Proposed duration: 3-4 hours.

Tap the star (⭐) on the map link and you’ve got all you’ll need to guide you from one tapas bar to the next in the palm of your hand! 

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How to get to Goya tapas route

Goya is around 3.3km (2 miles) from Sol plaza in central Madrid and can be easily reached on foot in around 45 minutes whilst taking in popular tourist sights such as Retiro park, the Cybele Fountain, and Puerta de Alcalá along the way. 

Getting to Goya by Metro

The Goya Metro station is also very easy to access from Sol and Line 2 (the red line) goes directly from Sol to Goya in just 5 stops (about 6 minutes). Once you’ve reached Goya Metro station, you’re within easy walking distance from all of the Goya Tapas bars included in this tapas tour.

“The best way to know a city is to eat it.”  

– Scott Westerfield –

a large bocadillo with slices of ham sits on a plate next to a glass of red wine.

Goya restaurants visited on this tapas tour:


Bar Los Torreznos

  • Calle de Goya, 88, 28009 Madrid

A local favorite since the 1950s, Bar Los Torreznos boasts a lively stand-up tapas scene, with cheap caña beers and the famous Castilian-style torreznos (ribs) served by the thousands every day! 

Rub shoulders with the locals as you enjoy one of Madrid’s most iconic tapas bars, just be warned, this place can get packed in the early evening so it’s best to arrive early! 

Manitas, alcachofa y cigala - La tasqueria

La Tasquería

  • C. del Duque de Sesto, 48, 28009 Madrid

Madrid is famous for its many tapas bars featuring offal as key ingredients and you can’t go past La Tasquería, which offers a rediscovery of Madrid’s gastronomic tradition and a reinvention of elegant offal-based tapas and main meal dishes. 

Javi Estevez, the Michelin-starred chef, and friendly staff offer exceptional service with a laid-back atmosphere where guests can enjoy a menu featuring dishes made of offal from pork, beef, lamb, duck, and chicken. 

Dishes can be ordered one at a time or as a tasting menu offering several dishes to share (para picar). There is also a great selection of drinks and wines making this a deserved stop for any tapas tour of Goya! 


El Chipirón

  • C. de Narváez, 34, 28009 Madrid

Small traditional local bar with a fantastic original wooden bar and small terrace space. The understated interior does not do the food justice! 

The Sepia a la Plancha and the Ensalada Rusa are both very good and affordable. 


Taberna Laredo

  • Calle del Dr. Castelo, 30, 28009 Madrid

Established in 1993 in the heart of the Goya neighborhood lies Taberna Laredo, all but hidden down a quiet side street. This classy restaurant takes tapas and Spanish cuisine to a new level with a modern take on classic Spanish dishes. 

A bar and restaurant area lined with wine bottles welcomes visitors where you can enjoy a drink and sample from the extensive tapas menu or go all-in and enjoy something from the a-la-carte menu. House specialties include grilled rabbit chops and fried artichoke hearts (while in season). 


La Castela

  • Calle del Dr. Castelo, 22, 28009 Madrid

Sleek taverna-style tapas bar and restaurant serving excellent meat and seafood dishes. Must try tapas and raciones include the navajas (razor clams), croquetas de marisco, the anchoas con boquerones (sardines with anchovies), and of course the house specialty Mojama (cured-dried Tuna steak). 


Taberna & Media

  1. de Lope de Rueda, 30, 28009 Madrid

A stone’s throw from La Castela you’ll find Taberna & Media tucked away down a small side street. This inviting tavern offers a fantastic range of classic tapas and small plates with a great selection of wines and draft beers too. 

Attention to detail is key here, and the chefs go to great effort to provide a beautifully plated range of seasonal tapas dishes that are sure to light up your Instagram page. House specialties include Torreznos (ribs) and Patatas bravas.

Some fried mushroom tapas sits on a small plate with a toothpick holding a stacck together.

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Central Madrid tapas walking route 

  • Start: Sol Metro Station
  • Finish: Anton Martin Metro Station
  • Total Distance: 1.38km / 0.85 miles
  • Stops: 7 tapas bars and restaurants
  • Proposed duration: 3-4 hours.

Just tap the star (⭐) on the map link and you’ve got all you’ll need to guide you from one tapas bar to the next in the palm of your hand! 

Have a great tapas tour! 

Lavapies & Delicias tapas walking route 

  • Start: Lavapies Metro Station
  • Finish: Anton Martin Metro Station
  • Distance: 4.91km 3.05 miles
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  • Proposed duration: 5-6 hours.

Just tap the star (⭐) on the map link and you’ve got all you’ll need to guide you from one tapas bar to the next in the palm of your hand! 

Have a great tapas tour! 

La Latina tapas walking route 

  • Start: La Latina Metro Station
  • Finish: Plaza Major
  • Distance: 1.88km 1.16 miles
  • Stops: 8 tapas bars and restaurants 
  • Proposed duration: 3-4 hours.

Just tap the star (⭐) on the map link and you’ve got all you’ll need to guide you from one tapas bar to the next in the palm of your hand! 

Have a great tapas tour! 

a view over a lake to a large glasshouse structure in retiro park.

Goya landmarks and highlights of each tour

The first thing you’ll notice is that the barrio of Goya is a relatively relaxed area and doesn’t have anywhere near as many tourists as the central area of Madrid.

We would highly recommend walking from Sol to Goya, as it only takes around 45 minutes and there are some really great tourist sights along the way. Below are a few that are well worth the walk!


  • Cybele Fountain (Fuente de Cibeles) – Beautiful 18th-century neoclassical fountain picturing the goddess Cybele. 
  • Puerta de Alcalá
  • Spain Gate (Puerta de España) – large elegant stone and iron gate leading into Retiro park (west side).
  • Retiro park (Parque de El Retiro) – Stunning park and gardens with a boating lake, greenhouse, plus several statues and landmarks.
The Goya Metro sign in front of a leafy green street

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