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The Spanish Radish Recipes

The Spanish Radish is all about Spanish food that’s been made with love. We aim to recreate as many authentic Spanish recipes as we can and share them here on our food blog. We also experiment with new recipes and make stuff we discover throughout our travels in Spain.

Each week, we try to post 1-2 new Spanish recipes, complete with step-by-step recipe guides, and detailed info with everything you’ll need to get excited about Spanish cuisine!

Spanish Radish Youtube!

We have made an amazing YouTube channel where you’ll find all of our recipes complete with easy step-by-step instructions, cooking tips, and much more! 

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The Spanish Radish – Regional Foodie Guides

If you’ve ever wanted a food-focused travel guide, our regional foodie guides are just for you!

After all these years, we’re still big on traveling and exploring Spain, and wherever we go food is our compass and is always a big part of any adventure we take. We make a regional foodie guide that’s crafted around the tastes and flavors of the region.

Whenever we take an adventure within Spain, we always sample the local Spanish cuisine and produce, and love getting this info out into the world so others can enjoy it too!

Whether it’s the best tapas bars in Madrid, top recipes from Andalusia, or exploring the Mediterranean Diet in Valencia, we’ve got something to share. All of our regional foodie guides are made by foodies, for foodies!

We’ve got loads of guides now on our blog and we’ll be adding more as we explore each and every region within Spain.


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The Spanish Radish – Blog

Our Spanish Radish Blog posts are where to find little nuggets of information about Spanish food, local produce, and other foodie news and tips we find helpful or interesting.

So far you’ll find info on the Mediterranean diet, the best award-winning olive oils of Spain (2023), a guide to Spanish wine, the essentials that you’ll find in a Spanish pantry, and how and when to use sweet, hot, or smoky paprika in recipes.

We’re always looking for local producers, or recipes to add to our blog, so we’d love to hear from you if you’re interested in working with us!

Hit us up at or get in touch via one of our social media channels below.