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7 of the Best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oils (2024)

Written By: Byron | January 1, 2024
Check out our complete guide on 7 of the Best Spanish Olive Oils to try in 2024

Olive oil is a staple in Spanish kitchens that is used for cooking, making sauces, and drizzling over dishes. Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is the healthiest, tastiest, and finest quality of all. For that reason, the oils you see on this list are all EVOOs. 

Spain produces the most olive oil in the world — by far! With around 6 million tons being produced last year there is no shortage of superior quality Spanish olive oil to choose from. We’ll share our top picks and then give you some links at the bottom of the article on where to buy Spanish EVOO overseas. 

7 Top Spanish Olive Oils to Try in 2024

First off, all extra virgin olive oils are incredible. You not only enjoy a premium taste but benefit from the greatest health benefits. Studies have shown EVOO has the power to reduce blood pressure and inflammation and help fight many chronic diseases. No wonder it’s often referred to as “liquid gold.” 

To come up with this list, we looked at the awards that producers and oils won in 2023 and also took into consideration those standout oils that consistently win every year. These all won platinum in 2023 at the London International Olive Oil Competition (LIOOC) in the ‘quality’ category and gold at the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC).

So, without further ado, here are the best Spanish EVOOs to try in 2024.

Knolive Epicure

Knolive Epicure, by Knolive Oils, was started by two brothers in the Parque Natural de la Subbética Cordobesa, and each season the olives are picked by hand. Knolive Epicure has fruity notes with a delicate taste of tomato leaves, almonds, and freshly cut grass. It has a rich aroma and finishes with a hint of bitterness and white pepper.

The oil is packaged in a beautiful opaque green bottle, which helps to lock the olive oil’s nutrients in and keep it fresh. It’s the 8th year that it’s won gold at the NYIOOC, a huge accomplishment given that Knolive Oils was only founded in 2013.

2 bottle of Rincón de la Subbética extra virgin olive oil sit beside gift boxes

Rincon de la Subbetica

Rincón de la Subbética is by the producer, Almazaras de la Subbetica. With more than 60 years of experience, they produce many award-winning extra virgin olive oils. They are located in Andalusia in the Parque Natural de las Sierras Subbéticas, which is a protected cultivation area. 

Rincón de la Subbética is a hojiblanca variety, organic, and starts sweet but finishes spicy. This oil has won a multitude of awards in recent years in various competitions. It’s the 7th year in a row that it won gold at the NYIOOC. 

It was also on our list last year and we have no problems including it again. The oil comes in a beautiful bottle with a slow pourer making it easy to drizzle over dishes, and it is as tasty as you would expect. 

Goya Organics and Unico

Goya Organics is by Goya en España which began its Spanish operations in 1974 in Alcalá de Guadaíra (Seville) to create quality olive oil. Goya Organics is a blend, or coupage, that is made from olives that are hand-picked in late October so the flavor and aroma are more intense.

It takes around 10 kilos (22 pounds) of olives to produce one liter/quart of this liquid gold, compared to some oils that need just 5 kilos (11 pounds). 

Goya Organics EVOO has hints of freshly cut grass, green apples, and green tomatoes. It’s classified by the USDA as organic. It’s won gold at the NYIOOC for six years in a row and the producer makes many other stellar olive oils that win awards too. 

Goya Unico is also by Goya en España. And it has also won gold six years in a row at the NYIOOC. The grapes are harvested in the same way as Goya Organics, proving that this producer is onto something special and a winning formula.

Fuenquesada olive oil is poured onto some bread.

Fuenquesada Picual Since 1850

Fuenquesada Picual Since 1850, by Fuenquesada, has a long history of making fine extra virgin olive oil. The name of the producer is a portmanteau of the estate (Las Fuentezuelas) and the Quesada’s family name. The olives for this EVOO come from centenary picual olive trees and the family likes to keep things as they are, with no intention of expanding, so that the quality always remains the same.

The olives are harvested at night early in the season to stop high temperatures from impacting the optimum condition of the olives. This helps produce an intense green-colored oil that has herbaceous notes and medium-high fruity levels. It’s a complex, intense, and elegant EVOO that will impress. 

The oil comes in a sleek opaque bottle to preserve all its goodness in terms of flavor and nutrients. Fuenquesada Picual has won gold three years in a row at the NYIOOC.

Watch this incredible video about Fuenquesada oil and how they harvest the olives.

Maeva & Toro

Maeva & Toro, is by producer Aceites Maeva, who has a history dating back to 1930 when it comes to olive oil. Maeva & Toro has won gold two years in a row at the NYIOOC and they also had two new contenders that won gold in 2023. 

Maeva & Toro is a blend of picual, hojiblanca, and arbqequina, and has a medium fruitiness to the oil. This makes it sweet to begin with and leads to a spicier finish.


Primicia is by the producer, Martín de Prado. The olive groves are in Extremadura and it’s a fourth-generation family business committed to the agri-food sector. 

Primicia Picual has also won gold at the NYIOOC for the second year in a row. This picual EVOO is green and fruity, with a low to medium intensity of bitterness and spiciness, and a medium level of sweetness.

Imagine Picual

Imagine (Picual) is by Verde Esmeralda, a producer who takes great care in keeping the oils as natural as possible and the trees free from chemicals. Harvesting is conducted at night to ensure the perfect temperature for the olives when they are picked. 

The Imagine Picual EVOO has an intense green color and a fruity flavor with a light spiciness to it. It has notes of green apple, figs, freshly cut grass, and banana peel.

Summary of the Top Spanish Olive Oils to Try in 2024

Producer Olive Region
Knolive Epicure Coupage Andalusia
Rincón de la Subbética Hojiblanca Andalusia
Goya (Organics & Unico) Coupage Andalusia
Fuenquesada Picual Andalusia
Maeva & Toro Coupage  Andalusia
Primicia Picual Extremadura
Verde Esmeralda Picual Andalusia

Note: Coupage is a blend of olive varieties.

Where to Buy Spanish Olive Oil Outside of Spain?

You can buy Spanish olive oil from many supermarkets, specialty stores, or online. That’s not to say you can easily source all of them. We’ve found EVOOs on this winning list that have a steady supply and wide coverage in different countries and regions.

Buy EVOO in the US

Buy EVOO in Canada

Buy EVOO in the UK

Buy EVOO in the European Union

From the Amazon Spain website, you can find Rincón de la Subbética, Knolive Epicure, and Goya Unico, and pay a shipping fee. You may also be able to find Spanish EVOO on your home country’s Amazon site to avoid a shipping fee. 

Hello Spain also has a good selection of Spanish EVOOs, including two on our 2024 top olive oil list and they ship to countries in the European Union. They also have many other products you could bundle into your order like different types of Spanish ham, Spanish chorizo, and Spanish cheeses to try. 

Buy EVOO in Australia

Recipes with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We hope you enjoy sampling Spanish extra virgin olive oil! Here are some recipes to enjoy with a splash or two of EVOO:


Why is Spanish olive oil special?

Spain produces the most olive oil in the world — this results in a wide variety of olives and production techniques that deliver flavors and intensity levels to suit every dish and taste. Picual is the most common olive used in Spanish olive oil, and it’s usually full-bodied with some spice and bitterness. 

Is Spanish olive oil good quality?

Spanish olive oil is good quality, especially extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). EVOO is the highest quality anywhere and hundreds of Spanish EVOOs win awards around the world every year. 

Can I cook with Spanish olive oil?

Yes, you can cook with Spanish olive oil. Picual is one of the best olive oils to cook with because it has a higher smoke point. 

Is Spanish oil good for you?

Like any good quality olive oil, Spanish olive oil is good for you. Extra virgin olive oils are of the highest quality so typically the best for your health. They’re also packed full of antioxidants and nutrients that can help fight or prevent many illnesses and diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and certain cancers.